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Officially moving back

I am officially moving back to Blogger, effective (er, what time is it?) now.
I moved away from it due to issues a few years back where it would not agree with me on what my password was, no matter how many times I reset it.  We get along much better now.

Anyway, I'm going to focus more on homeschooling there, "reinvent myself all over again" as it were.  So, if  you're actually a subscriber of this blog (all one of you?), please reset your reader to


For the next week or so, I will be republishing old posts from that blog as well as the dozen actual homeschool related posts from this blog. Hopefully that gets my creative juices flowing and I'll begin to post at least twice weekly again. This way we can all enjoy the ability to comment again, rather than LiveJournal's simple "one of us or anonymous" options.  And yes, I need to update pictures, Shannon's not three any more. ;)


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