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Sheesh, has it really been that long since I posted??? Dang.

So, anyway, the real thing I should be posting about was written by my hubby about 2 weeks ago.  Go to
and it'll tell you a bit about my last 2 weeks if you haven't heard on any of my other outlets. (I imagine that both of my readers already know, but just in case I have a lurker)

Bottom line, yes, everyone is STILL fine, no injuries but for a single skinned knee and 2 days of very minor soreness. Truck offiically totalled, trailer officially toast, racecar perfectly happy with just a few dents.  We were so impressed by how that Silverado took care of us, we rewarded Chevy with repeat business last weekend and purchased a 2008 during their Red Tag Sale (almost $15K off, now THAT is a sale!)

In other news, the other reason I haven't been posting much is our newly repaired laptop is even more newly re-kaput.  Grrr, I hate computers. We're back to homeschooling this week, and already Shannon is complaining like a full-time 14-year old.  See what I have to look forward to the next dozen years? ;)
But life is good.  Really. :)


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Jan. 17th, 2009 03:20 pm (UTC)
The up side of Shannon complaining like a 14 year old now, is that you will get used to it by the time she actually IS 14....;)


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