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Oral Fixation

How to sum up the posts I never wrote on this topic??  So waaaaayyy back in August Shannon was complaining of swelling and soreness in and around her extra tooth.  A full extra tooth sticking out of the roof of her mouth, round and pointy.  Somewhat like a dolphin's.. or a dinosaur's.  We called it her vampire fang. :)  So... I posted back then, and we ended up waiting it out to see her regular dentist (who was out of town that first week) but by that time the swelling was down, and no soreness.

We were still referred to an oral surgeon, the location and orientation of the (I learned a new word) supernumerary would cause problems eventually, possibly interfering with the correct alignment of her adult teeth.  So, out it had to come.  Yes, a full tooth, root and all, poor kiddo. The first day they wanted to do it was the day before we left for our cruise.  THAT, as we all know, would have been one BAAAADD idea.  Instead, we waited until after her late September birthday.  The procedure went well for the most part.... except for the fact that she seems to have the same resistance to some medications that her father has.  She was supposed to be able to have a small "cocktail" in the waiting room and fall asleep right there in my arms, I could take her back to the chair, put her in, they'd set up for surgery without her knowing a thing.  Well, dose one: no effect; dose two: no effect.  She had to walk back to the surgery chair under her own power, leaving mom in the waiting room.  I had not warned her there would be an IV, due to the fact that she was "supposed" to have been asleep already.  She was wide awake enough to fight them on the very idea they'd poke her.  Much crying occurred before she finally accepted it "had" to happen, and of course, being totally tense and frightened, it hurt like the dickens.  After the procedure, I drove her home still quite groggy, and the poor thing vomited in the car, inheriting the same reaction to anesthesia that I have.  Worst of both worlds.

Well, other than it being traumatic, the wound healed up fast, and the Tooth Fairy brought $3, apparently she pays extra for pain and suffering.  However, now she's got a very loose incisor tooth... and an abscess underneath it.  Her dentist hopes it's caused by the one that's loose, and not its neighbor.  We've been going on a month now with the threat of having to have another tooth removed, at least this time, a baby tooth. Luckily the abscess has been calm, and our dentist would rather it come out by itself than have her come in for another traumatic experience.

Think wiggly thoughts!


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Dec. 11th, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)
oh my gosh! That poor thing! I hope the tooth comes out on it's own.
Brandie =)
Dec. 14th, 2008 11:16 pm (UTC)
It is hard for me even to read that. I have issues with the dentist. I sure hope that Shannon doesn't have to get another tooth out!
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