HellTygr (helltygr) wrote,

Ow! And a bit of WTF?

I probably can't describe this without using my hands.... but my folks were in a bit of a car crash the other day.  My dad was driving, utilizing his new handy driving device that helps him drive left-footed (as his right has been amputated).  Well, his left foot was still in a soft cast, causing a bit of a problem.  As he was pulling into his parking space at the apartment building, his foot slipped off the brake, onto the new accelerator pedal unit.  This is bad.  The car pulled forward, THROUGH the fence, and off the parking structure, landing a full story down, on top of another fence and (luckily) ivy and concrete pad.  Had he been in almost ANY other parking space in that top level, he would have hit either the apartment building, some decks, or a major concrete support for the parking structure, any one of which could have caused the car to flip onto its roof.

Luckily, all that actually happened was that the car broke at least an axle, possibly totalling the car, minor damage to two wooden fences, and bruises and sore muscles for both of my parents.  No actual treatable injuries, they're "fine".  What luck!  I shudder to think of what could have happened.

So now, their insurance company is proposing something which I totally don't understand.  See, Dad, as the driver, is covered in his insurance policy for lawsuits for medical problems and "suffering" up to $10,000.  They begin to explain this part to Mom.  So you see, ma'am, that while you have up to three years to decide, it's something that's automatically covered, so shall I connect you to that department now? 

Huh?  Yes, without actually "recommending" it, the insurance company seems to actually be encouraging someone to sue her own husband for $10,000, just because it's "covered".... here, have some free money.  Except that's not how it works, and we all know it, or should. How many people fall for this crap?  And is it any wonder why I feel corporate thinking has gotten our instant gratification society into the mess it's in right now?

Or am I just completely misunderstanding what transpired?
Tags: family life, ranting

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