Officially moving back

I am officially moving back to Blogger, effective (er, what time is it?) now.
I moved away from it due to issues a few years back where it would not agree with me on what my password was, no matter how many times I reset it.  We get along much better now.

Anyway, I'm going to focus more on homeschooling there, "reinvent myself all over again" as it were.  So, if  you're actually a subscriber of this blog (all one of you?), please reset your reader to

For the next week or so, I will be republishing old posts from that blog as well as the dozen actual homeschool related posts from this blog. Hopefully that gets my creative juices flowing and I'll begin to post at least twice weekly again. This way we can all enjoy the ability to comment again, rather than LiveJournal's simple "one of us or anonymous" options.  And yes, I need to update pictures, Shannon's not three any more. ;)

I hate politics.

Really, I hate politics with a passion. More accurately, I hate passionate politics with a capital P.

I'm ordinarily a very easy person to get along with. I celebrate the differences, and resist the natural human urge to surround myself with people that look and think the way I do. While able to maintain my own opinions, I truly want to understand how people get to the opposite conclusion to a quandary than I do.  What I don't understand is how for some people, a person's politics matters more than their actions. Whether someone has a (D) or an (R) after their name automatically determines how trustworthy they are.

Man, are you freakin' kidding me?

It also seems to hold that people who hold to these opions, on EITHER side, tend towards the, shall we say, more reactionary and less thoughtful spectra of the populace. I really wish I could get past this, but people's continued demonstrated and public outbursts of ignorance while wrapped in politics continues to boggle me daily.

For example, and I apologize for picking on this side first, but here's today's scandal.  Have you seen the new Lincoln pennies being released this year?  Like the state quarters and Lewis & Clark nickels, there are four new pennies with the back (tails) side showing a log cabin, Lincoln reading a book, etc.  Have you heard the controversy surrounding it? If you find nearly any news article about these pennies, when accompanied by pictures of the backs, there will invariably be someone in the first 10 commenters with horrible conspiracy theories.  It goes something like: "I'm so shocked and appalled to see the words 'In God We Trust' missing, what is this horrible country coming to? You freaks who voted in all these Democrats should be ashamed, it took no time for a Muslim president to get rid of something that our country was founded on and has been on our pennies from day one!!" (this taken nearly verbatim from someone's comment, cleaned up a bit of spelling and summarized 2 paragraphs of rambling)

Let's take just a quick tour of the misinformation highlights of this statement, shall we? Super fast, reverse order.
1. The words "In God We Trust" has not been part of our currency since day one, the motto itself dates from the Civil War era, not the Revolutionary. (source: so, US coins got along just fine for nearly a hundred years without it.
2. I won't touch the allegation of the President being Muslim. I happen to disbelieve these assertions, but who knows what's really in a man's mind? I am saddened that it should make a difference to anyone either way, but as I said, that's a whole 'nother issue. ::rolls eyes::
3. The approvals for minted coins and their production and release take way longer than the few months since January (source, common sense from being in the machining industry. Sadly, the website I was browsing for factoid #1 is sadly out of date and talks about when the 50 US quarters "will" be minted, and no mention of this penny, other than mentioning the most recent change in composition in 1983 Even if there were enough time, it takes Congressional approval for a design change, not a Presidential one. Yes, the Dems do control Congress at the moment, so we'll give the conspiracy a quarter of a point for that effort.

4. The big one though, is the fact that the words are missing at all.  The photos are of the BACKS of the coins. Reach in your pocket right now and look at a penny.  That motto is on the FACE of the coin. No picture of the reverse will show that motto anyway.

I just hope there are actually paid people to go around to these websites and pose as believers of the opposite, making them look bad.  I find it so hard to believe that people actually are willing to spout such nonsense before they have the slightest alignment with facts.

And yet...

2009 Home Show Stunner

We went to the home show this weekend. Imagine Sean's surprise when he looked up while waiting for me to exit the ladies' room...

DIY kits for what?? Dang. I thought you needed a medical license or professional help....

We actually had to walk around the side of the aisle to the way the display was *intended* to be read to see what they were selling.

Poor choice to be on the end of the aisle, no? Or maybe it was intended as an attention-grabber?

February 12, 1994

Fourteen years ago today, I went on the worst date in my life.

Highlights (Lowlights?) include, but are not limited to: waking up ungodly early, physical activity (which I wasn’t particularly in the shape for), physical pain/torture, fainting, embarrassment, inappropriate conversation, and being “stuck” with no way to gracefully back out should the need arise.  It was a first date with this man, so of course, it had all the overlying awkwardness: am I impressing him, do I *want* to impress him, is he impressing me, etc. It was two days before Valentine’s Day so there were plenty of folks around feeling all lovey, and assuming that we were too.

You see, we were skiing. As dates go, skiing is probably a great idea when both of you are avid skiers, or at least competent. I, however, had never skied before in my life. As a first date, I strongly recommend against it.

I lived about 50 minutes north of this man, who wanted me at his house by 6:30AM.  Being a date, I knew I should at least look alive when I arrived.  I don’t do mornings, not now, not then. But, I made a valiant effort to be at least awake enough to drive, which meant showering, a little bit of foundation, and brushing my teeth. Makeup, I knew, would be a bad idea; I didn’t want to be up on a mountain, sweaty with raccoon eyes. I had to gather snow gear, leave a phone number with my housemate, and even gas up the car before I left.

We went to Crystal Mountain.  Beautiful spot, don’t get me wrong.  The weather was perfectly… well, I don’t remember much about the weather, it was cold.  I had a pair of ski boots in my possession I had inherited from college, they *felt* like they fit, how was I to know? I’d worn more uncomfortable high heels for hours.  He had skis that were close enough to my size, so we didn’t need to rent, but still needed to get my boots put on the bindings.  Humiliation number one, they ask me my weight in full view of this cute guy.  I gave them my driver’s license weight, which of course is barely believable. Binding adjustment was very fast, and we get me out to attach said skis to my feet.

With skis on them, the boots no longer felt as comfortable as they had. Oh well, I can live. I stood up, stomped my feet once or twice, and the next thing I knew, he was picking me up off the ground where I’d fallen. Fallen? No, not so much as fainted, right into his arms. You see, it was now 9:30AM, I’d been up since 4:30, it was high altitude, and I’d not eaten breakfast. I never eat breakfast, and didn’t think to make an exception. He graciously suggested we hit the lodge and get my blood sugar taken care of. On my way, I stopped in at the ladies’ room and found that … well, at the risk of over sharing, it was the first day of *that* time, and it had hit with a vengeance sometime in the past hour. Great. This day is just going swimmingly.

An hour later, we’re back on the slope. The next hour went poorly, even in my athletic days, I have never had much leg strength.  I’m a swimmer, I’ve always been broad-shouldered and carry my strength in my back and arms. My legs just kept on dying. My feet hurt. A lot. I nearly started crying before we discovered just how poorly those hand-me-down boots were fitting me, back to the rental shop we went, rented boots and things went much better. The addition of another pair of socks helped them NOT rub my blisters. I even made it down Crystal’s bunny slope at least once without falling.

After lunch, my confidence restored, we began to tackle the slightly longer version of the green run. I began to fall more and more often as my leg strength ran out, and it took me longer and longer to get up.  He patiently kept trying to demonstrate the “easy” way to stand up after falling, and I kept failing at it miserably. By the end of the day, I was pretty well beaten, physically and emotionally. I insisted he go for a run while I sat in the lodge drinking hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps to warm up.  Really, he enjoyed skiing, he should be able to do at least one run for the money he’d spent. It was a long drive home, and, while it wasn’t silent, I just *knew* that he’d never call me again. I was humiliated I’d agreed to such a thing, and embarrassed that I hadn’t been able to keep up. From what I understand, the only thoughts in his head at the time were the same, there’s no way she’d agree to go out with me again after something like this.

The next day, I could barely walk. I hurt all over. I was miserable. I felt old, for the first time, and I was merely 24. But he called! We did end up going out again, although we both agreed that the traditional dinner and a movie sounded like a much better plan.

We got married a year and a half later, and are still together today.  Happy date-anniversary, sweetie, it was all worth it.  :-D


This is a post that's been building for quite some time, yet I don't know if I have the words to pull it off.  Bear with me.

I'll start out by avowing that I'm an independent in the political arena.  In our state, you do not have to declare yourself a Democrat or a Republican to be able to vote.  I like to support third party candidates when I feel they're actually capable and qualified. I am not now, nor will I ever be, a single-issue voter. That said, my philosophies do line up with the left and the liberals and the Democrats more often than the right and the conservatives and the Republicans.  So yes, I did vote for Barack Obama this past election, and am thrilled that he'll be taking office on Tuesday.

I am not, however, one of the rabid Obama supporters. I do not confuse the man with Superman nor see him as a religious figure.  I believed him to be the better candidate because of his ability to bring out hope and action in his supporters, his ability to inspire is (to me) a vital requirement for this particular job.  If the man can do even half of what the hype believes him capable of, he'll make a very fine president. I do worry that expectations are so high that he has an uphill battle to live up to them.

Then, there's the whole race thing.  You may or may not have noticed, but we have actually elected a non-white for the job, the first time ever. Whether you're for the man or against him, you have to understand the historic impact of this.  Unfortunately, this is where the title of my post comes in.  You'd think I'd have learned in the last two months to stop looking at comments written on online political articles. I am blown away by the vitriol spewed in these places, the fear-mongering, the ignorance and stupidity, the personal attacks against a man's family, you name it.  I am totally saddened by acquaintances of mine making racist comments that they themselves may not even realize they're saying, but certain wording choices have made their innermost feelings and fears clear. You don't have to use prejudicial words to make assumptions lumping all people of a certain category together.

It's in human nature to assume that everyone thinks the same way you do. Obviously, all intelligent right-thinking people would come to the same conclusion you do? I know I'm frequently guilty of this assumption, and it really hurts me to find out how wrong I am, over and over again. I totally don't understand racism. I really don't. To see it in any form so totally boggles my mind, I don't know how to react.  So, yes, I was offended when, at work, a co-worker implied  that it was a "good thing" that our company didn't have any blacks working for us come next Tuesday which happens to be a very busy day for the shop, "because they're all taking the day off anyway". I merely said that I, too, would like to take the morning off to watch the historic day as a teachable moment with my daughter.

So anyway, I don't really know what the point of this all is, the emotions are there, I just can't put it all into words. Maybe it's this: if you're going to spew invective around me, make sure it's about a person, not about a people.  Make sure it's about actions, not beliefs or states of being. Make sure it's about deeds, not assumptions.  Then, just maybe, I'll mouth off about the idiot with you. :)

(PS, for those that know me, and wonder why the work reference: I'm having to work for the next 4-6 weeks to cover for the office manager who is out for surgery. Homeschooling schedules are shot, luckily it's "only" Kindergarten, so I'm not worried)


Sheesh, has it really been that long since I posted??? Dang.

So, anyway, the real thing I should be posting about was written by my hubby about 2 weeks ago.  Go to
and it'll tell you a bit about my last 2 weeks if you haven't heard on any of my other outlets. (I imagine that both of my readers already know, but just in case I have a lurker)

Bottom line, yes, everyone is STILL fine, no injuries but for a single skinned knee and 2 days of very minor soreness. Truck offiically totalled, trailer officially toast, racecar perfectly happy with just a few dents.  We were so impressed by how that Silverado took care of us, we rewarded Chevy with repeat business last weekend and purchased a 2008 during their Red Tag Sale (almost $15K off, now THAT is a sale!)

In other news, the other reason I haven't been posting much is our newly repaired laptop is even more newly re-kaput.  Grrr, I hate computers. We're back to homeschooling this week, and already Shannon is complaining like a full-time 14-year old.  See what I have to look forward to the next dozen years? ;)
But life is good.  Really. :)

Through sleet and snow

Am I a loser to be sad that it's the 16th already, and we've received zero Christmas cards?

It's funny, in any other year, I'd be relieved, I seldom send them out myself, and when I do, it's generally late. But for some reason this year, I'm actually feeling Christmassy.... we're decorated (sorta) and I even know what presents I'm buying for whom (not that I've done the shopping yet), and I sent out about 25 cards on the tenth. And not even a card from our insurance agent.

I know, Facebook and texting and IM's seem to be replacing cards, but they're not as good for taping to your front door for decorating.

I've joined the herd

Herd? Flock of sheep? Teeming masses of cool people, yea....

Yes, I've gone and made a Facebook account.  I know almost nothing about it other than hearsay.  I hate how you can't "see" what Facebook even *looks* like without making an account.  Ah well.

So, what happens if my pathetic request for a friend gets rejected, do I know about it? Or does it just float out there in etherland so I don't feel as unpopular as I did in high school....  Does accepting someone as my friend obligate me to consider them on my "I'd buy them a beer any day" list? What's important to know about Facebook Friend Etiquette?

I'm so lost....

Oral Fixation

How to sum up the posts I never wrote on this topic??  So waaaaayyy back in August Shannon was complaining of swelling and soreness in and around her extra tooth.  A full extra tooth sticking out of the roof of her mouth, round and pointy.  Somewhat like a dolphin's.. or a dinosaur's.  We called it her vampire fang. :)  So... I posted back then, and we ended up waiting it out to see her regular dentist (who was out of town that first week) but by that time the swelling was down, and no soreness.

We were still referred to an oral surgeon, the location and orientation of the (I learned a new word) supernumerary would cause problems eventually, possibly interfering with the correct alignment of her adult teeth.  So, out it had to come.  Yes, a full tooth, root and all, poor kiddo. The first day they wanted to do it was the day before we left for our cruise.  THAT, as we all know, would have been one BAAAADD idea.  Instead, we waited until after her late September birthday.  The procedure went well for the most part.... except for the fact that she seems to have the same resistance to some medications that her father has.  She was supposed to be able to have a small "cocktail" in the waiting room and fall asleep right there in my arms, I could take her back to the chair, put her in, they'd set up for surgery without her knowing a thing.  Well, dose one: no effect; dose two: no effect.  She had to walk back to the surgery chair under her own power, leaving mom in the waiting room.  I had not warned her there would be an IV, due to the fact that she was "supposed" to have been asleep already.  She was wide awake enough to fight them on the very idea they'd poke her.  Much crying occurred before she finally accepted it "had" to happen, and of course, being totally tense and frightened, it hurt like the dickens.  After the procedure, I drove her home still quite groggy, and the poor thing vomited in the car, inheriting the same reaction to anesthesia that I have.  Worst of both worlds.

Well, other than it being traumatic, the wound healed up fast, and the Tooth Fairy brought $3, apparently she pays extra for pain and suffering.  However, now she's got a very loose incisor tooth... and an abscess underneath it.  Her dentist hopes it's caused by the one that's loose, and not its neighbor.  We've been going on a month now with the threat of having to have another tooth removed, at least this time, a baby tooth. Luckily the abscess has been calm, and our dentist would rather it come out by itself than have her come in for another traumatic experience.

Think wiggly thoughts!